Spanish Discovering Christ Parish Printing License (Download)

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Spanish Discovering Christ Parish Printing License (Download)

The Spanish Discovering Christ ("Descubriendo a Cristo") Parish Printing License contains the Discovering Christ guides fully translated into Spanish.

This Printing License gives your parish permission to print and share our "Descubriendo a Cristo" (2016 edition) guides an unlimited number of times and does not expire. The license contains:

You will be given the manuals in PDF format, allowing for easy printing and file sharing.

After purchasing, you will receive a zip file download containing the Spanish Discovering Christ manuals in PDF format.

The Printing License is a wise investment for any parish that wishes to run "Descubriendo a Cristo" multiple times.

The Parish Printing License has certain rules and limitations. Read the Terms of Use.  


What is "Descubriendo a Cristo"?

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