ChristLife en Español

Descubriendo a Cristo

"Descubriendo a Cristo" includes the same course materials as the English edition: DVD set, How To Run the Course Guide, Facilitator's Guide, and Participant's Guide. Like the English edition, you have the option of purchasing a digital license for the Spanish guides. "Descubriendo a Cristo" includes several audio options:  watching the talks with Spanish audio or English audio and with or without Spanish subtitles, or split-track audio which enables an audience of English-only speakers and Spanish-only speakers to simultaneously hear the talks together.

We are very excited about the potential for this new edition to bring the same life-changing impact to Spanish-speaking communities as it has to English-speaking communities.

Read about two Latino communities who ran pilot courses of Descubriendo a Cristo on our blog!

Siguiendo a Cristo y Compartiendo a Cristo

At this time, Following Christ and Sharing Christ are not available in Spanish. Our ultimate goal is to make the videos for each of the ChristLife courses accessible in Spanish. Please contact us with any input or questions you have.