Discover Christ

When asked about the purpose of life, most people seem surprised at the question. They often give answers ranging from "I don't know" to "I guess I just want to be happy." With a series of chapters based on carefully crafted questions, Discover Christ leads readers to confront the crucial question of life's meaning and leads them to embrace the answer found in the New Testament and the Christian Community. The perfect book to jumpstart the popes' call for a New Evangelization.

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Follow Christ

Walking in the footsteps of Jesus is a nice image, one which we aspire to as Christians. We go to mass, we pray, but we feel like there is more we could be doing and aren’t sure what next steps to take. Dave Nodar, Fr. Erik Arnold, and Ally Ascosi lead us through the important, basic disciplines that characterize intentional disciples. Pope Francis said, "Let us ask ourselves: How do I follow Jesus?" Follow Christ begins to show us the way.

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Share Christ

Evangelization isn’t just for preachers, popes, and missionaries. It’s something all of us as baptized Christians can do. Through personal stories and examples, authors Dave Nodar, Dianne Davis, and Fr. Erik Arnold show that every one of us has the unique opportunity and ability to be a part of God’s work. Share Christ offers practical steps and encouragement, equipping you to share the Good News with love, joy, and authenticity anytime, anywhere.

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