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We’re excited to introduce our newest initiative, the Equipping Saints monthly giving campaign! Time and time again we see how ChristLife is helping parish communities little by little become transformed. This monthly giving campaign is a journey that resonates with our mission here at ChristLife - to set communities ablaze with the saving message of the Gospel.



The Equipping Saints initiative is the vessel through which we aim to achieve this vision. It's not just a monthly giving campaign; it's a commitment to changing lives, empowering individuals to become disciples of Christ, and fostering vibrant Christian communities where hearts are set ablaze with love for the Lord.

The Challenge: Over 90% of Catholic Parishes Untouched

Over 90% of Catholic parishes have yet to experience the transformative power of ChristLife. We are called to reach out, equip, and ignite the fire of evangelization. Our mission is clear: Changing Hearts. We aspire to nurture hearts devoted to Christ, creating a ripple effect that touches lives far and wide. It's a journey in which we invite you to join us.


We plan to welcome 25 new monthly donors into our ChristLife family during the month of October, building on the strong foundation of our current 140 monthly supporters. This initiative represents nearly a 20% increase in our monthly givers - a powerful step toward spreading the message of ChristLife even further.

Will you consider becoming a monthly donor today?


As a thank you to all who join us as new monthly donors and to our current monthly supporters, we want to offer a gift - one of our Discover Christ, Follow Christ, or Share Christ books. These resources will serve as tools to empower you in your own evangelization journey.

If you are a new monthly donor, indicate which book you would like in the 'Prayer Request' field when you submit your donation. if you are a current monthly donor, fill out this form.