Spanish Discovering Christ How to Run the Course Guide

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Spanish Discovering Christ How to Run the Course Guide

Fully translated into Spanish, this How to Run the Course Guide contains all the information you need to run the Discovering Christ course in Spanish ("Descubriendo a Cristo"). The guide contains an overview of the 7-week course, the theological basis of "Descubriendo a Cristo", a detailed walk-through of the schedule, directions on assembling a team, a to-do list for course administrators, talk abstracts and much more! Included throughout are the inspiring testimonies from real Discovering Christ participants.

Guide Sections                      

Section I: What is Discovering Christ?                   

Section II: Discovering Christ and the New Evangelization                    

Section III: Teaching Topics, Goals, and Summaries                   

Section IV: Practical Elements and Dynamics of Discovering Christ                    

Section V: Planning and Preparing for Discovering Christ                  

Section VI: Resources


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