Training is essential to spiritually and practically equip your parish or ministry to effectively run ChristLife.

Join Catholics from around the world who are attending our training events to be equipped to bring the ChristLife process to their dioceses and parishes. Here are options for training:


ChristLife 'Equip' Conference

The ChristLife 'Equip' Conference offers training on the entire ChristLife process. It is an opportunity to be inspired, equipped, and connected so you can implement the ChristLife evangelization process in your home parish. There are opportunities built into the conference for spiritual renewal, training, and connecting with leaders who are transforming their parishes.

Our next Equip Conference will be offered in 2024.


Diocesan 'Let Down Your Nets' Conferences

ChristLife offers 'Let Down Your Nets' Training Conferences for dioceses. This two day conference will provide an immersive training experience in ChristLife’s three-part evangelization process: Discovering Christ, Following Christ, and Sharing Christ. ChristLife partners with dioceses around the country to provide training on practical and proven ways to implement the different courses series in parishes; including how to train, inspire, and organize a parish team and ways to care for people during the courses.


Parish Training Days

A parish training day is an opportunity to gather your entire team of parishioners and to be formed in one mind and heart for the work of evangelization. After attending a national or diocesan training conference, parish leaders are faced with the challenging task of recruiting and training a team of parishioners. While some parish teams are fully assembled and attend a training conference together, many others have not yet gathered. Consequently, for most parishes, a training day is essential to share the vision for the ChristLife process of evangelization and to train the entire team in the practical dimension of the courses.


Primacy of Grace Retreat

Dave Nodar presents this Primacy of Grace retreat for diocesan and parish staffs.

"If in the planning that awaits us we commit ourselves more confidently to a pastoral activity that gives personal and communal prayer its proper place, we shall be observing an essential principle of the Christian view of life: the primacy of grace. There is a temptation which perennially besets every spiritual journey and pastoral work: that of thinking that the results depend on our ability to act and to plan. God of course asks us really to cooperate with his grace, and therefore invites us to invest all our resources of intelligence and energy in serving the cause of the Kingdom. But it is fatal to forget that 'without Christ we can do nothing' (cf. John 15:5)."

—St. John Paul II, Novo Millennio Ineunte, 38