Running Courses Online

ChristLife wants to help you find creative ways to use the gift of technology to continue building community and growing in the Lord Jesus Christ. Whether you want to start a ChristLife course or are in the middle of a course that was interrupted by COVID-19, this website contains resources to help you offer ChristLife courses online.

Let’s continue to fulfill the task the Lord Jesus has given us and we believe he is leading the way! We look forward to hearing all that the Lord will do during this season. Nothing is impossible for him. Nothing! Our hearts cry, give us more souls to discover, follow, and share the Lord Jesus Christ.

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"We found our Zoom experience for Following Christ to be awesome! A few people in the group were especially relieved and grateful for the company during this time of "social distancing" for Covid 19. I can imagine it would be an amazing tool foranyone who is homebound for any reason!"


How to Prepare and Facilitate an Online Small Group

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The first step is to pick a date and invite people to participate in your online small group.

The second step is to prepare your online gathering. Set-up a small group meeting via, Google Meet, Skype, or other video conferencing software.

Note: Zoom provides free 40 minute meetings for up to 100 participants with break-out capability. You can sign-up to host a meeting here: Zoom also allows for people to call-in if they don’t have video capability on their computer.

The third step is to send the meeting details to your small group members, Ask members of your group to watch the talk online prior to the discussion. Talks can be rented for free at

Note: People will need to make an account on the ChristLife website to access free video rentals. Click here for instructions to rent a video.

Finally, it's time for your small group meeting! Connect through your video conference software and facilitate the small group discussion using the questions in your facilitator guide!


Quick Tips

  • Start off by explaining the schedule for the night: opening prayer, ice breaker, talk discussion, closing prayer. This might be brand new to some people, so it helps for them to know what to expect.
  • Lead the group in opening prayer, giving the evening over to the Lord.
  • Discuss the talk using questions from your small group facilitator guide.
  • Make sure you have enough light on your face and that you can see your entire face with a clean background.
  • Ask everyone to mute their microphones or phones when they aren’t talking to avoid audio issues.


"My initial reaction to doing Following Christ on video conferencing was that I really didn't think it was going to work very well. I was a little tentative about hosing a meeting, since I had never really used the the technology before.  Once we got started, it took us a couple of minutes to work through the initial technical bugs, but we quickly got right into our discussion... It seemed as though there were even less inhibitions on video compared to being in person. We had an hour discussion that flew by... It was very effective in breaking the isolation that everyone in our group was feeling."


ChristLife Video Rentals

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"I was a bit apprehensive of the technology as I can often be technically challenged, but I was thrilled that it was so easy to use! I loved being able to connect with the group again. There was no awkwardness, it was like you really had invited them into your home with the expectation that everyone get comfortable and pull up a chair. I don't know if it was the isolation, the less formal setting, or a combination of both that really inspired the group to share freely...we talked for an hour and a half and only ended because it was close to bedtime! I feel renewed and strengthened to continue the mission. God is faithful and He always provides what we need, for with God all things are possible!"


ChristLife Course Guides

The course guides are an important tool for both facilitators and participants, even when meeting online. Parishes that have purchased a printing license have permission to share the guides with anyone in their parish. We also have small group licenses available for individuals running the courses.


Zoom Tutorials

For the small group facilitator

For the small group participant