Spanish Discovering Christ Small Group Facilitator’s Guide

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Spanish Discovering Christ Small Group Facilitator’s Guide

This guide is a must-have for the small group facilitators of your Spanish Discovering Christ ("Descubriendo a Cristo") course. Fully translated into Spanish, the guide contains all the teaching outlines and discussion questions for each session of "Descubriendo a Cristo". It also covers the structure of the course, the responsibilities of the facilitator, and how to create an open, trusting environment among the participants.

Teaching Outlines and Discussion Questions for all 9 talks:

1. What is the Meaning of Life?

2. Why Does Jesus Matter?

3. What Does Jesus Want Us to Know?

4. Why Do We Need a Savior?

5. Why Is the Resurrection Important?

6. Who is the Holy Spirit? (retreat)

7. The Holy Spirit and You (retreat)

8. New Life in the Spirit

9. Our Need for the Church


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