Training Services

Join Catholics from around the world who are being equipped to bring the ChristLife series to their dioceses and parishes.

ChristLife National Training Conference

The ChristLife National Training Conference offers training on the entire ChristLife series. It is an opportunity to be inspired, equipped, and connected so you can implement the ChristLife evangelization process in your home parish. There are opportunities built into the conference for spiritual renewal, training, and connecting with leaders who are transforming their parishes.

Our next National Training Conference will be in Spring 2017!

ChristLife Diocesan Training Conferences

ChristLife Diocesan Training Conferences offer training on specific courses in the ChristLife series. ChristLife partners with dioceses around the country to provide training on practical and proven ways to implement the different courses in the ChristLife series in parishes; including how to train, inspire, and organize a parish team and ways to care for people during the courses.

See if a diocesan training conference is scheduled near you!

Parish Training Day

A parish training day is an opportunity to gather your entire team of parishioners and to be formed in one mind and heart for the work of evangelization. After attending a national or diocesan training conference, parish leaders are faced with the challenging task of recruiting and training a team of parishioners. While some parish teams are fully assembled and attend a training conference together, many others have not yet gathered. Consequently, for most parishes a training day is essential to share the vision for the ChristLife process of evangelization and to train the entire team in the practical dimension of the courses.

Thankfully ChristLife offers two options for parish training. The first option is to contact ChristLife about the cost and availability for a ChristLife team of trainers to travel to your parish and present a training day. The second option is to present a training day yourself, with the aid of the Discovering Christ Team Training Resource.