Spanish Discovering Christ Small Group License (Download)

sku: SDC2DL-SG

Spanish Discovering Christ Small Group License (Download)

The Spanish Discovering Christ Small Group License ("Descubriendo a Cristo") provides a downloadable Facilitator and Participant guide fully translated into Spanish for people who are beginning an online small group. This license includes permission to use the guides for a small group of up to 8 people. 

After purchasing, you will receive a zip file download containing the Descubriendo a Cristo Facilitator Guide and Participant Guide in PDF format.

The Small Group License has certain rules and limitations. Read the Terms of Use.


This license is intended for small groups that are not associated with a parish-wide offering of Descubriendo a Cristo. Parishes who are interested in offering a parish-wide ChristLife course online, should purchase the parish printing license ($300).

Parishes that have already purchased a printing license have permission to digitally share the guides with their team members and participants and do not need to purchase a small group license.

Please note: Physical products are shipped Monday mornings.