Following Christ Teachings DVD Set

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Following Christ Teachings DVD Set

This brand-new, 2019 edition of Following Christ includes ten inspiring talks on how to live as a Catholic disciple of Jesus Christ in today’s world. These new videos were produced with exceptional quality, filmed on a beautiful video set with 5 modern, HD cameras recording each talk.

The Teachings

Following Christ includes ten 35-minute* talks spread out over seven weekly sessions and a day retreat.

1.    Introduction and Daily Personal Prayer

2.    Hearing God in Scripture

3.    The Power of the Sacraments

4.    Forgiving One Another

5.    The Spirit-Empowered Life

Day Retreat (We Are at War)

         6. The World,

         7. The Flesh

         8. The Devil

9.    The Heart of a Disciple

10.    Going on with the Lord

*Each talk is 35 minutes long, except for the last one, which is about 18 minutes long to allow for large group testimonies during the final session.


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