The ChristLife process is a proven method of evangelization and renewal used by Catholic parishes across the country. Our upcoming ChristLife National Training Conference is an opportunity to be inspired, equipped, and connected so you can bring ChristLife to your home parish. You will:

  • learn practical and proven ways to implement ChristLife,
  • be spiritually renewed and challenged, and
  • meet a vibrant community of priests, deacons, and lay-people eager to transform their parishes with the power of the Gospel.

Why should you attend the ChristLife National Training Conference? Check out a few reasons from previous conference attendees.

1. To meet parish leaders from across the United States and abroad who love God and His Church, like Dianne.
2. To bring members of your ChristLife team for formation, fellowship, and to find new ways of implementing ChristLife, like Joe.
3. To learn and share best practices for reaching more people in your parish community from ChristLife practitioners around the country, like Jane.
4. To find a way for reaching out to people who don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, like Adam.


Early bird registration for the ChristLife National Training Conference ends next Friday, March 24th! Register today before prices increase.

ChristLife National Training Conference