ChristLife partnered with the Diocese of Rochester to present a Discovering Christ conference on May 19-20, 2017 at St. Marianne Cope Parish in Rochester, NY. 160 people representing 35 parishes came together to receive training in Discovering Christ as a means of evangelization in their parishes.

Jack attended the Diocese of Rochester Discovering Christ conference with his parish team. When the conference ended, he shared his testimony of how the Lord spoke to him through the prayer sessions.

During the Diocese of Rochester Discovering Christ training conference, a presenter physically gestured with their hand when speaking about moving our knowledge of Jesus Christ from our head to our heart. I had done the exact same thing earlier in the day as I described my struggles and frustrations. I felt I had the knowledge, though there is so much more to learn, and I intellectually understand and believe in Jesus. My problem has been having that same feeling in my heart.

The approach of building a relationship with Jesus hit home with me. I knew He is there for me, He is my friend and He wants me to be the best version of myself, but I struggled truly feeling it. I had not yet experienced that conversion of heart. During our time of prayer, when we had the opportunity to commit our lives to Jesus Christ, I did. During prayer, I became emotional and felt the Holy Spirit within me. It was a wonderful moment and one that brought an element of peace.

Later in the afternoon, we prayed again, but this time with members of our team. Not only did I feel a tingling sensation when I prayed, but I witnessed the Holy Spirit moving one of my team members. This truly had an impact on me and that conversion of heart I have been looking for occurred for me.

This morning when I went to Mass, it was truly a different experience. I was not just going through the motions. I caught myself praying and singing more loudly, I clung to the words of scripture and I couldn't wait to receive the holy Eucharist.

Thank you to all of you for helping me grow in my love for Jesus and I am looking forward to planning and then executing our Discovering Christ program.

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