Through sending His only begotten Son to suffer and die for all mankind, we see that God allows suffering so that He can bring restoration. As we begin this holy Triduum separated from our Church communities and the liturgies that hold so much meaning for us, let us welcome the sufferings we experience knowing that it can bring restoration in our hearts.

Like the disciples experienced over 2000 years ago as they bore witness to Jesus' suffering and crucifixion, many people in our world today are experiencing fear and confusion in the face of an unknown future.

But unlike the disciples, who didn't know how the story would end, we do and can now live with the power of the resurrection.

We, like the first disciples, are called to proclaim the Good News that Jesus is alive—that He truly makes a difference in our lives personally and that He can make a difference in the lives of all those we encounter.

We want to help you enter into prayer through this Triduum. Below we share two videos from our Discovering Christ series: Why Do We Need A Savior? and Why is the Resurrection Important? All of ChristLife's course video rentals are available for free during this time.

May the power of Jesus' resurrection fill you with hope and joy this Easter season!

Praying on Good Friday

At different times and in different ways, we have all turned away from God. Jesus’ death on a cross—his sacrifice of love offered on our behalf—and our personal response to his sacrifice makes it possible for us to return to God the Father.

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Celebrating on Easter Sunday

The resurrection of Jesus was the focus of the Apostles’ preaching and is the basis of our new life and hope of the resurrection of the body and life everlasting.

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