Two years ago, Joe developed a desire to find a new Catholic evangelization program to aid in the spiritual enrichment of his and surrounding parishes. His searching led him to find ChristLife, which, by its description, appeared to be what he was looking for.

By: Joe - Minnesota

After consulting the deacon at my parish, eight friends and I agreed to run through the ChristLife series and take it for a "test-drive." We wanted see if it was something that could be used as a tool for renewing the spirit in our Area Faith Community—the AFC is a cooperative between three area parishes.

During the first sessions, we all showed up with clipboards to critique the material.  By the third session, all clipboards were thrown to the side and we were engrossed in the experience.

Members of our initial pilot group, which went through Discovering Christ, Following Christ, and Sharing Christ, have all experienced great changes in our lives. Several of us have become regulars at weekday masses. Our prayer lives have blossomed and become vibrant. Married couples are praying together nearly every morning. On person received physical healing during the prayer time at our Discovering Christ retreat.  Several have been given words of knowledge. The Holy Spirit is strong among our group and growing.

Instead of inviting friends over for cocktails, I now invite them over for praise and worship time.  My words cannot describe the transformation that we are experiencing.

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