By: Dave Nodar

Recently my wife, Ely, and I had the joy of visiting the Billy Graham Library in North Carolina. The library is an inspiring testimony to the impact of a man who fully devoted himself to the Lord Jesus and to the mission entrusted to all Christians: proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord! (2 Corinthians 4:5)

Reverend Graham’s extraordinary fruitfulness in preaching the Gospel to millions of people is an encouragement to us all. We see how God’s grace can work through one person who says “yes” to Jesus. He was raised on a dairy farm and became a man whose ministry to the nations continues to help others follow Christ. Praise God for this lasting fruit! (John 15:16)

One of the hallmarks of Billy Graham’s ministry was that he attributed the fruitfulness of the ministry to a united team: the ministry’s staff, the local church volunteers, and the partners who financially supported the ministry.

It is the same for us!

The fruitfulness of ChristLife is the result of many people praying and partnering together: our staff, you, your parishes and teams, and those of you who financially support the work of the ministry. We really are fulfilling the Lord’s mission together!

By the grace of God, we know He is calling us to bear more fruit and expand the mission. We cannot do this without your prayer and financial partnership.

ChristLife’s primary goal is to encourage, equip, and empower Catholics to be authentic disciples who make disciples. Over 150,000 people, in approximately 1,000 parishes, have had the opportunity to hear the Good News and choose to make Jesus the Lord of their lives through the ChristLife process.

There are approximately 14,000 parishes in the United States and we have only been able to serve a fraction of them.

Think of what could happen if ChristLife became a regular ongoing evangelizing process in more parishes. What could happen if tens of thousands more people, baptized and unbaptized, young and old, had the opportunity to commit their lives to Jesus Christ and were equipped to make Him known in their communities?

Here is just one testimony of a life changed through ChristLife from LaDonna in Kansas:

“I went through the ChristLife and had a life-changing encounter with Jesus at our parish and this lukewarm, cafeteria Catholic got what she prayed for. There is a pair of special glasses that helps colorblind people see color the way everyone else sees color. For me, ChristLife was like getting a pair of those glasses. It was as though I had been colorblind my whole life, and had no idea. Then I entered a beautiful period of consolation and for the first time I feel like I am seeing everything in full color – the way it was meant to be seen."

She concluded by saying:

“You have to know that for every one story you hear there are hundreds upon hundreds more that you won’t ever hear until you reach Heaven. Thank you and God Bless your dedicated service to His Church.”

Together, we can help many more people know personally the saving love of our Lord Jesus and become missionary disciples in our parishes. One parish ChristLife leader said to me, “We need one another! Together we are sowing seeds and seeing growth. How amazing!”

The statue of Billy Graham (pictured above) depicts him as a sower of the Gospel. May each of us continue growing in devotion to our Lord Jesus and proclaiming His good news!

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