ChristLife has changed my life. I am simply not the same person I was two and a half years ago.

By: Kathy - Flemington, New Jersey

I was raised Episcopal and my family attended mass every week, but there was no religion in my home. I met and married a nice Catholic man who also went to church as a child, but had no religion in his home. We searched for local churches after getting married and fell in love with St. Magdalen De Pazzi Catholic Church. I first felt the call to conversion when our first child was making her first penance. I entered the RCIA program and became Catholic about 15 years ago. RCIA was a blessing, but I fell into a hole once it was over.

About 4 years ago, I started to have extreme anxiety because of demands at my job. Layoffs were happening and the office was short-staffed. I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders and dreaded facing the day. My overall health, with Type 1 Diabetes, was suffering and my family was concerned. My husband insisted I quit my job, though I wasn’t convinced I should.

One Sunday I went to church and I prayed, which was something I did only on Sundays. I prayed that I wanted to know God because I didn’t feel connected and I knew others were. I wanted a relationship and I wanted Him to help me with my burdens.

Three days later, a letter came home from my priest asking me to be a facilitator for a new program at our church, which would help people have a personal relationship with Jesus. I stopped and thought, “Is God answering my prayer?” He sure was.

I agreed to facilitate for ChristLife. After going through the course, my life changed. I was able to turn all of my burdens over to Jesus. I invited Jesus into all of my work issues, difficult meetings, and phone calls. Immediately, my job satisfaction changed. I no longer dreaded work and all of my customers noticed a difference in me. Many said, “I want whatever you had for breakfast.”

I embarked on a personal prayer routine, which has been the greatest blessing of all. I start every day with the Lord and He speaks to me often. I hear Him while reading Scripture. I see Him everywhere, in everything and every person. The more time I spend in prayer, the more often I have encounters Him. And I am expectant! I know He is listening.

Next blog, we will share how God called Kathy on a mission to evangelize...

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*Kathy's testimony was edited for the blog.