ChristLife Missionary Community

We are a Catholic and ecumenical group of single adults and families centered on love of God and neighbor. We meet monthly to encourage one another to live out three pillars of the Christian life: prayer, fraternity, and mission. Our life together doesn’t end with monthly meetings but flows into our daily life as we endeavor to live out a Gospel way of life as expressed in the following commitments.

We commit to:

  • Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior of our lives and recognize that it is only by his grace that we can live out the Gospel.
  • A daily personal prayer time of 15-30 minutes centered on personal encounter with God, especially through the Word of God in Sacred Scripture.
  • Growing in our relationships with one another as brothers and sisters in the Lord.
  • Living a missionary lifestyle where we individually and together seek opportunities to proclaim the Gospel through word and deed.
  • Being fully open to the charismatic dimension of the Christian life.
  • Prioritizing monthly meetings and formation assignments as a key means for spiritual growth.
  • Serving and caring for one another’s needs at our community meetings.
  • Fasting every Friday for growth in holiness and in prayer for the community.
  • Active participation in the sacramental life of the Church [for Catholic members].


How can I get involved?

We invite you to "come and see" by attending one of our monthly meetings. To attend, contact Pete Ascosi at 443.388.8910 or