A Proven Path for Parish Evangelization 2019

Originally broadcast on Monday, May 6, 2019

Resources from the Webinar

With increasing challenges, darkness, and confusion, both in the world and in the Church itself, how we can live our Catholic faith, and help others who are falling away? How can we renew our parishes to become vibrant communities of faith?

The only answer can be found in Jesus Christ. It’s Christ’s Church, of which he is the foundation (1 Cor. 3:10-11) and cornerstone (Eph. 2:19-21). When we put Jesus Christ back at the center of our lives and our parishes, everything falls back into right order.

Parishes from across the country are seeing people come to Christ, Catholics return to the sacraments, authentic community form among parishioners, and passive Catholics catch fire to follow Jesus and share him with others in their everyday life!

Parishes are experiencing renewal for the mission:

“Discovering Christ has helped a whole lot of people in my parish either fall in love or fall more deeply in love with Jesus Christ.” - Fr. Liam, PA

"I feel ChristLife is moving us towards the essence of what a parish is really about—a community of faith that is able to help each other along the way to grow closer to the Lord." - Fr. Tony, NY

"Those who have encountered Christ [in ChristLife] have been irrevocably changed. People were lost, and now they have been found.” - Jim, NJ

This is what happens when Jesus Christ is brought back to the center of parish life.

But how is this accomplished?

ChristLife offers a relational process that lead people to personal encounter with Jesus Christ, and forms them as his missionary disciples. ChristLife is NOT simply a program or a quick fix, but a proven path to a Christ-centered renewal of the parish, for mission.

On this webinar, Dianne Davis and Jennifer King from the ChristLife team share how to mobilize your parish for the essential mission of evangelization with the ChristLife process!

Speaker Bios

Dianne Davis is the Director of Mission Expansion for ChristLife. Dianne was a highly successful banking executive in New York, when two women walked into her office and shared with her the joy of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This encounter led to a powerful conversion, which inspired her to leave her banking career and serve with ChristLife. Dianne enthusiastically works with parishes across the United States, helping them to embrace the Church’s mission of evangelization through the ChristLife process.

Jennifer King is the Communications Director of ChristLife. In her early twenties, Jennifer had a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ through the Discovering Christ course. After committing her life to Jesus, she became an active member of her parish and young adult community. Four years ago, she quit her job with the federal government to serve full-time with ChristLife.