Discovering Christ Teachings DVD Set

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Discovering Christ Teachings DVD Set

This Discovering Christ 4-disc DVD Set contains 9 evangelizing video teachings presenting Jesus as the answer to the meaning of life and the key to personal fulfillment.  

Presenters Dave Nodar and Fr. Erik Arnold appeal to the mind as well as the heart, with persuasive arguments for Christ alongside compelling testimonies of their own conversions.

This new edition of Discovering Christ attracts the senses with a rustic set, beautiful cinematography, and an original musical theme.

Talks: (30 minutes each)

1. What is the Meaning of Life?

2. Why Does Jesus Matter?

3. What Does Jesus Want Us to Know?

4. Why Do We Need a Savior?

5. Why Is the Resurrection Important?

6. Who is the Holy Spirit? (retreat)

7. The Holy Spirit and You (retreat)

8. New Life in the Spirit

9. Our Need for the Church

The DVD set also includes a “Modern Day Parable” to be played after Talk 3, “What does Jesus want us to know?”


See a 10 minute preview of the first talk of Discovering Christ, "What is the Meaning of Life?"        


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