Bilingual Discovering Christ Printing License (Download)

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Bilingual Discovering Christ Printing License (Download)

Get the English and Spanish Discovering Christ Parish Printing Licenses together at a 25% discount! The Spanish Discovering Christ ("Descubriendo a Cristo") Printing License contains the Discovering Christ guides fully translated into Spanish.

These Printing Licenses give your parish permission to print and share our Discovering Christ and "Descubriendo a Cristo" (2016 edition) guides an unlimited number of times and does not expire. The license contains the How to Run the Course Manual, the Small Group Facilitator’s Guide, and the Participant's Guide.   You will be given the manuals in PDF format, allowing for easy printing and file sharing.

After purchasing, you will receive a zip file download containing the English and Spanish guides in PDF format.

The Printing License is a wise investment for any parish that wishes to run Discovering Christ and "Descubriendo a Cristo" multiple times.

The Printing License has certain rules and limitations. Read the Terms of Use.  


What is "Descubriendo a Cristo"?

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