Reflect on God’s Word

Build Community and Grow as Disciples.

This free small group resource will help you Reflect on God's Word each week. Every Monday, you will receive a discussion guide based on the upcoming Sunday Mass readings direct to your email. Our prayer is that these questions will help you draw closer to the Lord by going deeper into the Scriptures you hear at Sunday Mass and form deeper relationships through reflection and discussion with a small group.

Each week we send out a discussion guide based on the upcoming Sunday Mass readings. Use them to read, reflect on, and discuss the Scriptures with your small group.

We're glad you're part of the ChristLife community. May this resource help you grow deeper in relationship with the Lord.

Yes, I want to 'Reflect on God's Word'!


The ChristLife team thanks Maurice Blumberg, a previous board member, for generously creating and providing this resource. Maurice passed February of 2021 and we are honored to continue providing this resource in his memory. He had a great love for God's Word and a passion to help others hear the voice of God through Scripture.


​​Artist Statement: The new Reflect on God’s Word logo is a drawing of Zacchaeus in the tree. The story of Zacchaeus is so relevant to each of us as we long to see and hear Jesus in our lives. Zacchaeus not only sought out the Lord, but he also desired a change in his own heart. When praying about the new Reflect on God’s Word logo, the story of Zacchaeus was constantly in my mind. Our desire to seek the Lord unites us with the Lord’s constant desire for our hearts. The Lord saw Zacchaeus in the tree and called him by name, just as He sees us today. When we Reflect on God’s Word and seek Him out, we will hear Him calling each of us by name.