Getting Started

You’re ready to engage in evangelization with the ChristLife Series, but how do you get started?

Learn About The ChristLife Series

The first step is attending the National Training Conference or a diocesan Discovering Christ Training Conference. You might also want to connect with a ChristLife parish in your area and attend one of their courses. 

Engage Your Parish Priest and Lay Leaders

If you are not the pastor, meet with your pastor to introduce him to the ChristLife Series; the purpose of the course, logistical considerations, budget, publicity, follow-up, etc. A pastor’s commitment to support the evangelization efforts is crucial.

Prayerfully assemble a leadership team of people who have a personally encountered the Lord, are full of love and joy, and have a desire to share the love of God with others.

Train Your Team

Host an information night to share the vision for Discovering Christ and invite fellow parishioners to partner in the course through the various service roles.

Provide training for your team. Options for training include attending a Discovering Christ conference, host a training conference in your diocese, or present a training day in your parish with our Discovering Christ Training Resource.

Additional Information

The Discovering Christ How to Run the Course Guide is a great place to begin learning about all that is needed to run a successful course. ChristLife staff are also available to chat with you about your unique needs and questions.