Free Resources

The following resources are available for free download to help with the preparation, promotion and effective implementation of a Following Christ course. If you have resources that you’ve developed for your parish course, please share them with us and we can share on this page. 

Promoting Your Course

Worship Preparation

  • Leading Worship in the ChristLife Series (pdf) This article by John Messina explains the importance of worship in Discovering, Following, and Sharing Christ. It discusses the unique elements of worshiping in an evangelizing environment and how to pick and train a worship leader.

Prayer Ministry

  • Following Christ Prayer Ministry (pdf) Three sessions during Following Christ include a time of prayer after the DVD teaching and before small groups: Forgiving One Another, The Spirit-Empowered Life, and We Are At War: The Devil. This information is meant to supplement Following Christ’s How To Run the Course Guide. Anyone who leads these prayer sessions is encouraged to attend a ChristLife conference for training.


  • Cruise Ship vs. Battleship (pdf) A handout that accompanies the "Cruise Ship vs. Battleship" analogy shared in Talk 6: The World.

Preparing for the Final Session