In May 1, 1971, shortly after my conversion to Jesus as Lord of my life, I attended the May Day war protests in Washington, D.C. My reason for attending was to share with everyone there about the One who offers us genuine peace.

I can remember that night as I tried to sleep among some fifty thousand young people and hearing a guy yelling for hash (a drug made from cannabis). “Hash, Hash,” he cried out desperately, “does anyone have some hash?!” Remember—this was during a gathering for peace.

That particular scene has always stuck with me. It captures how so many movements crying out for social or political change do so without dealing with the fundamental problem that lies hidden in the darkness of our own hearts. The man crying out for drugs was calling for peace without peace in his own heart.

We see this scene of crying out for change and revolution for transformation on many levels in our societies. Yet, it is clear that the solutions offered have not dealt with the overwhelming flood of depression, despair, suicide, drug overdoses, addictions, sexual perversions, violence, hatred, and isolation. They don’t deal with the transformation of the heart.

They can't. The answer can only be spiritual.

Only Christ Jesus crucified and raised from the dead can change our hearts. He alone offers the remedy: forgiveness of sins and the empowering presence of God to change us from the inside out in order to live an entirely new life.

For that good news to be reality for the sake of others, the Church must believe it, live the “Christ-life” personally, and proclaim it.

In the ChristLife process, offered in many parishes here in the States and beyond, we are witnessing ordinary people who, by the grace of God, are becoming loving, empowered disciples. As members of the Church, they are on mission to tell others, “Jesus changed my life and he can change yours!”

A bishop I know happily shared with me how a relative had contacted him to share about the radical change that had occurred in her life as a result of being part of the ChristLife process. She told him, it’s like “I’m a born-again Catholic!”

The Lord has called us to equip, encourage and empower parishes, small groups, and individuals like you to join the only true revolution that addresses the deepest needs and longings of humanity. Thank you for joining us in His mission!

Your brother,

Dave Nodar
ChristLife Founder