The parish community of St. Helen in Westfield, NJ has run the ChristLife series several times, hosting over 900 participants through the years! In preparation for the 2015 Christmas season, they created a video of beautiful Discovering Christ testimonies. This video was played at each Christmas Mass to accompany an invitation from Fr. Michael Saporito for their upcoming Discovering Christ course.

"I was one of those people who had pretty much stopped going to church. [After Discovering Christ] I got inspired again and felt hopeful. I realized God has a plan for me. I might not always know what His plan is, but He’s there for me. It’s given me comfort in difficult times of my life."
– Steve

"Growing up, my family was Catholic. I don’t recall being a practicing Catholic, but I remember very clearly that God was someone to fear. [For me, Discovering Christ] was learning about a God I had never known. I spent so many years as a Catholic, but realized I didn’t know God. Now I really know Jesus and I talk to Him every day."
​– Colleen