By: Jennifer King

Catholic parishes around the world are searching for a way to evangelize in their communities. Many have "taken a leap of faith" with the ChristLife process, a proven method of evangelization and outreach, and experienced new vibrancy in the life of the parish.

St. Francis of Assissi in Derwood, Maryland is one of those parishes. They shared their experience with Our Parish Times:

With St. Francis having offered every course at least one time to parishioners, Fr. John said he has noticed a demonstrable change in the faith lives of participants. Many participants have shared that they’ve found meaning and purpose in life. Others said they have experienced the love of God in a very deep and life-changing way and feel comfortable sharing that experience in front of large groups.

"I have seen enough changes in people since we began to offer the courses in the ChristLife series to know that something wonderful and authentic was happening in the lives of participants," he said.

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