In Matthew 9:35, we read, “Jesus went about all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues and preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every disease and every infirmity.” As Jesus and His disciples spread the Good News, they healed every disease and infirmity.

It can be tempting to skip over those words or believe that miracles are only present in scripture. It can be easy to believe these miracles cannot take place in our own lives. But they can and they do!

Jesus Christ has made Himself known through many ways in the lives of Discovering Christ participants at Holy Family Parish in Latrobe, PA. The parish family shared a variety of testimonies and each of them demonstrate the Lord's goodness. Below are two people who have been healed by the power of God; one from anxiety and one from neuropathy pain.

Elaine: Healed From Anxiety

I’ve never had a dramatic conversion experience. I’m a cradle Catholic: raised in a Catholic home; eight years of Catholic grade school; four years of Newman Club through high school; four years of a Catholic college; and a return to a Catholic college to teach for twenty-five years. I’ve always treasured my faith. It is a big part of who I am. In spite of all that, the ChristLife process was life changing.

The program enabled me to develop a closer relationship with Jesus and the feel His presence. It gave me the ability to see the hand of God in my everyday life. My anxieties are now at bay. I was one of the best worriers you could have ever met. I could worry about anything. I could even worry that I wasn’t worrying! Through ChristLife, I learned the source of all the negative thinking in my life. I was able to put that aside and trust in Jesus, knowing that whatever bumps occur on my life path, He would always be there to guide me and comfort me. With Christ now firmly at the center of my life, I have inner peace knowing everything is in God’s hands.

I was not an unhappy before, but, now, I am joyous!

Debra: Healed From Neuropathy Pain

My Catholic faith was passed down through the generations, but that doesn’t mean I actually knew for certain what it means to really live my faith in the way Christ wants us to live it! Discovering Christ truly helped me become a true disciple of Christ and gave me the insights, courage and fortitude to go out and boldly proclaim the “Good News” of the gospels and in that process I myself was truly blessed!

On Feb 9, 2015, I came to the Christ life session and was healed by the Holy Spirit. I was hospitalized for a week in January and have suffered with severe pain from neuropathy, a condition from my diabetes, which left me with unbearable constant burning and stabbing pain. As I arrived for that session, I had a severe spasm in my neck and the pain in my feet was awful. We started our meditations and I asked the Holy Spirit to please, if possible, relieve my neck pain and the constant burning, stabbing pain in my feet and to at least make the pain tolerable as it was before.

As I asked to be filled with the Spirit praying all of this, I started to get a warm hot feeling in my face. It traveled to my neck and I felt the spasm there untighten and the pain subsiding as the warmth continued down my spine and eventually pulled away the intense burning and stabbing pain with it. I just couldn’t wait to share this with all those around me. I left the Church social hall that night without the use of my cane walking better than I could for years. I still occasionally need that cane but not always and the pain has indeed been bearable without having to use any narcotics. This really is my miraculous testimony.

I have shared this testimony with numerous individuals who have been inspired or tell me that they also believe in the healing power of Jesus Christ. It has opened many discussions about our Lord and led to my sharing the love of Christ in a loving, gentle way that I hope makes him proud to call me his daughter. To truly be his disciples in the one body of Christ, we must go forth and evangelize! This series will give you the tools to do so. We need to help all those who don’t know Christ receive that living water, the one that will quench our thirst for all eternity through the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Jesus Christ, help us believe in Your healing power!