By: Julie - North Huntingdon, PA

I recently completed the Discovering Christ series at St. Agnes Parish. While I always believed that I had a strong faith, I found that my faith was greatly enhanced by this series.

At one of the first sessions, I shared with my group that I always felt I needed to be in control of things. While I believed in God helping me, I thought I could do things all by myself. After completing Discovering Christ, I no longer feel I have to "do it all by myself.” I know that all I need to do is Let Go and Let God.

One morning we were decorating the church for Easter and one of the ladies helping felt herself getting a bit flustered as she told me she always needs to figure it out herself. She asked how I was remaining calm. I simply said, “God will handle it. It will all work out.” She asked how I was able to do this and I told her, “Discovering Christ showed me how.” I also invited her to attend the next session, which was starting the following week. It is such a good feeling to know that I can feel this strength and peace, where in the past I could have easily been agitated by things out of my control. Now I just "Let go and Let God.” I know He is always there with me.

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