I entered [Discovering Christ] with considerable reluctance. My wife had just died and I knew that I needed to do something to renew my faith but I had no idea what. For many years my life focus was caring for my wife. I was certain that was my purpose in life, God’s will for me. So I needed a new purpose and soon because I was already finding myself slipping into a do-nothing, depressing lifestyle.

I decided I could not afford to miss a possible nudge by God… so I signed up [for the Discovering Christ course at my parish]… It has been a blessing – at times a painful one!

I have been Christian since childhood, a Catholic since age 24, but I have not understood the necessity of a truly personal relationship with Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I have taken major steps toward that goal. I know that the journey is far from over but the Golden Rule has finally become central to my life. I have spent the vast majority of my life trying to save myself. I now know that Jesus has already done that for me in a deeply personal way.

I’m on the road to a daily prayer life, and have begun to see the fruits of a focus on serving others. Praise God that I entered this program and stuck with it.

Anonymous Discovering Christ Testimony