By: Pete Ascosi

“[God] desires everyone to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.”
1 Timothy 2:4

I recently received a phone call from a man who was deeply impacted by ChristLife at his parish in New Jersey. The man asked, "Is there Discovering Christ in San Juan Capistrano, CA? My sister, who isn't Christian, lives there and I think she would really benefit from this experience."

After surveying our database, I realized there are no courses anywhere near this area of California. So, I broke the news to him and said, "We want to expand our mission, but there are only six of us on staff, and we can only do so much." The man responded, "Well, if you ever do, please let me know because I think my sister would be open to attending Discovering Christ."

Like this woman, there are millions of people, including many Catholics, around the country who have never encountered Jesus personally. In the last eight years, around 830 parishes have run ChristLife resulting in over 100,000 people having the opportunity to discover Jesus.

But we are hungry for more souls and for a deeper transformation in our parishes.

96% of the parishes in the United States have never heard of ChristLife. With an average of 100 new parishes a year beginning ChristLife, our goal is to at least double this number in 2018 resulting in 200 or more new parishes implementing the full evangelization process.

This is why we are launching the 2017 ChristLife Campaign. We are raising $200,000, which will provide the funding necessary to expand our mission in four key areas:

Equip parish teams by making comprehensive video training available online.

Spread the good news by making ChristLife visible to more parishes in the Catholic Church.

Evangelize young adults by making disciples through our ChristLife Young Adults ministry.

Raise up laborers for the harvest by adding a full-time staff member to expand our mission.

Partner with ChristLife through your prayers and financial support to impact the lives of thousands of Catholics and others who’ve never personally encountered Jesus Christ throughout the United States, and in a number of foreign countries. Would you make a generous one-time gift or a 10-month pledge to the 2017 campaign?

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit ministry that depends on donations for the majority of our income.

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