For the last several years, ChristLife has partnered with the Diocese of Greensburg in the work of evangelization. Under the leadership of Greg Petrucci, the diocesan director of evangelization, parishes are experiencing the fruit of spiritual renewal and community life.

Recently, ChristLife team members returned to the Diocese of Greensburg to strengthen and expand the work of evangelization with our first ever diocesan dual-track ChristLife Training Conference. In the first track, participants received Discovering Christ training. In the second track, participants received training in Following Christ and Sharing Christ. Several parishes that are currently running Discovering Christ sent new team members for training, but there were also a few parish teams that were learning about the ChristLife series for the first time.

Parish teams who have already run the ChristLife series were able to gain insights from the conference teachings. One participant shared, “Even though our parish has gone through all three courses already, I feel we learned some new methods and approaches and discerned some things we could do better.”

In the first track, Dave Nodar spoke about what the Catholic Church has taught about evangelization through the years. Dianne Davis shared about how Discovering Christ can help parishes in the work of evangelization. Jennifer King, Jane Selner, and other speakers provided practical training on various elements of the Discovering Christ series.

In the second track, Leo Rudegeair, Dave Nodar, and Dianne Davis taught about the unique elements of Following Christ and Sharing Christ. They also led participants through the different “hand-on” elements of the courses, such as the forgiveness prayer ministry and cardboard testimonies.

There were a few times throughout the conference when participants in both tracks were able to come together in prayer. Saturday, everyone began the day by celebrating Mass with Fr. Michael Sikon from St. Barbara Church. Later that afternoon, Dave Nodar spoke to everyone about our need for a New Pentecost before we can fully participate in the New Evangelization. His talk ended with an opportunity for people to commit or re-commit their lives to Jesus Christ.

The teachings, times of prayer, and discussions with other participants encouraged many people to go back to their parishes and complete the mission given to them by God. One participant said, “We are now energized to go to our parish and share God's love, plant seeds, and listen as the Holy Spirit guides us.”

ChristLife partnered with the Diocese of Greensburg to present a ChristLife Dual-Track Training conference September 9-10, 2016 at St. Barbara Church in Harrison City, PA. This was our third time partnering with the diocese to present a training conference. Participants were able to receive training in Discovering Christ or Following Christ and Sharing Christ. 85 people attended the conference, representing over 20 parishes.


Quotes are from conference evaluations.