Bernie - Syracuse, New York

Bernie is a parish leader from Syracuse, NY who attended his first ChristLife training several years ago. The conference filled Bernie with a new zeal for evangelization.

He shared:

“ChristLife brought forth in me a deeper awareness of God’s abundant mercy and desire for all of us, His children, to be in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This led me into a deeper love with Jesus in which I experienced a profound joy of the Lord, the yearning of the Holy Eucharist and excitement in evangelizing.

Soon my heart experienced an epiphany when I came to fully recognize and understand the sign that ChristLife is an instrument of the Lord to evangelize the lukewarm, the fallen away, the curious and more. I then received a renewed sense of commitment, holiness and happiness in keeping Jesus as the focus of my life.”

Now Bernie is the overall main leader on his parish ChristLife team and is preparing his parish, Most Holy Rosary Parish in Syracuse, New York, for their third cycle of the ChristLife process. As a result of being a ChristLife leader, his life and the lives of many others have been profoundly impacted.

Their ChristLife Team is praying for the third year to be most fruitful year, since many of them have experienced a new epiphany in the faith to actually be missionary disciples to their families, friends, and fellow parishioners.

One ChristLife participant wrote:

“I love this program and the sense of community I have developed with others in my faith. The days of never discussing our faith with anyone are gone. Now I feel I have the tools I need to evangelize.”