2017 ChristLife Campaign

"[God] desires everyone to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth."

1 Timothy 2:4

While we are astounded that in the last 8 years over 830 parishes have run ChristLife, resulting in over 100,000 people having the opportunity to discover Jesus, we are hungry for more souls and for a deeper transformation in our parishes.

Partner with ChristLife through your prayers and financial support to impact the lives of thousands of Catholics and others who've never personally encountered Jesus Christ throughout the U.S., and in a number of foreign countries.

Our $200,000 campaign goal will provide the necessary funding to expand our mission in four key areas:

1 - Equip Parish Teams

One of the most important elements to the long-term fruitfulness of the ChristLife process is the equipping of the parish team. This campaign will provide funding to develop a much-needed parish team training resource for the entire ChristLife process (currently training is only available for Discovering Christ), as well as make it available online.

Help Equip Parish Teams!

2 - Spread the Good News

We want to make ChristLife more visible to the Church through the development of a short film that illustrates how ChristLife is changing lives and transforming parishes, the creation of marketing material for diocesan and parish leaders, and participation in a national convocation on evangelization. This campaign will also fund our initial efforts to expand ChristLife into Mexico.

Help Spread the Good News!


"I was a fallen away Catholic. I don’t think I would have come back to the Catholic Church without Discovering Christ."

Clara, Sacred Heart Parish, Kansas


3 - Evangelize Young Adults

Eight years ago ChristLife launched ChristLife Young Adults, a ministry to young adults in the Archdiocese of Baltimore. Led by James Lohrmann and Jen King, CLYA has evangelized and discipled hundreds of young adults and has been a key influencer in a number of conversions, vocations, and apostolic initiatives. This campaign will provide salary support for our young adult staff to enable ongoing outreach to young adults.

Help Evangelize Young Adults!

4 - Raise Up Laborers

ChristLife has six paid staff workers (four full-time and two part-time). Even with tremendous support from dedicated volunteers, ChristLife is unable to expand its mission without the central support staff necessary to facilitate more training events, produce more resources, and develop more evangelization initiatives. The campaign will provide funding for one year of a full-time worker salary.

Help Raise Up Laborers for the Harvest!


"I feel ChristLife is moving us towards the essence of what a parish is really about—a community of faith that is able to help each other along the way to grow closer to the Lord; to be able to pray and share with each other in a very practical and heartfelt way."

Fr. Mugavero, Holy Apostles, New York